Tin Cup go vintage on Etsy

We have always found inspiration while rummaging through piles of clothes, boxes of curios and shelves of tatty, torn old books. Convincing each other to spend a day in a charity shop or brocante has never been an issue, especially when using the excuse of stocking up on costumes or props for future productions, but now we have taken this a step further, yes, we have joined the hoards of Etsy’ers (not sure what the correct plural term is) and have opened our very own store.

Above all, this has been somewhat of a requirement in our endeavours of leading a simpler and more¬†independent¬†lifestyle in order to focus more on building our creative output. We’re only small and over the next few months we’ll be sourcing and listing more items and growing the store, but we are hopeful that it is yet another step closer to living a life that we are in control of and that conforms to our ideals and ethics.

Please feel free to have a rummage through our stock, maybe you will find something that you like…



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