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My friend Laura and I are launching an online course, specifically for women, including trans women and non binary folk, starting on September the 6th, the night before the new moon, ending on the September full moon on the 20th. It’s an introductory two week affair about tapping into the moon cycles, creative play and our own unique stories to launch long lingering creative projects. If you’ve been wondering about when would be the right time to embark on a creative project, or to figure out what that project even is, the time is NOW and we are here to support you and find the tools that can help you along your way.

Laura and I met on instagram around four years ago. We were both mums of small people and we were finding our feet creatively. Laura had worked in multiple jobs before having kids. Waitressing, vintage selling, a construction company…to name a few. She started taking photos after having kids and found a passion and drive within her that both took her by surprise and became a driving force for her to pursue it as a career. We bonded over our fierce desire to create work and a growing confidence in our abilities.

I was completely smitten by Laura’s energy. I had never met her but I was intoxicated by her words and the way she captured light, joy, humour and stories in a photo. Her energy felt so free and far reaching, her warmth was palpable. Her playfulness with words and how she expressed herself made me want to run over to her house with a bottle of fizz and an eager plea to please hang out.

She seemed so focused on her creative journey ahead and it somehow never felt pretentious or purposefully ‘Instagrammable’. I felt like I knew her because of her searing honesty and her commitment to creating imagery and connections with people that were a true representation of her creativity and inner world. She was the real deal.


Over the years we exchanged messages nearly every day, followed each other’s journeys and cheered each other on. I saw Laura’s photography journey rapidly blossom into a business where she is in high demand for weddings, family shoots, brand shoots and now teaching others how to find their way around a camera as well as their own unique style. She’s an emotional photographer and the queen of encouraging us all to create a self designed life.

And then last year we met for the first time when she came to shoot us as a family, in our favourite forest spot. She was everything I had witnessed, everything I had hoped for, everything and more. When Laura arrived in our kitchen, she lit up the room like sunlight bouncing off the mirrors. Both of our kids were climbing all over her within seconds, enveloping themselves in her warmth. She’s everything she says on the tall, blonde, effervescent tin. 

In July this year, under the new moon, we went camping together as two families and Laura and I wrote the beginnings of the course that we will be launching in September. I talked about tapping into the moon cycles to help with the ebb and flow of creative energy. We talked about our journeys as mothers, creatives, business women.

We sat beneath the new moon and wrote out our intentions, big and small. And somewhere within these conversations we discovered the nuggets of how we could use our experiences of pin-pointing our greatest, deepest desires, the areas we find endless inspiration in, finding the answers within, figuring out our own specific work and creative flow to help others. And allowing ourselves the grace to not be perfect or full of energy all the time.

So between us, we have created a course and a space where…


We will support you to:

  • Say your intentions out loud. Declare them with boldness and power (even if you feel afraid).
  • Get out of your own way.
  • Unstick your creative journey.
  • Help you find the confidence to kickstart a rusty engine.
  • Pick a goal – personal or professional that needs action.
  • Find the tools and self-belief to get going. 
  • Understand the cycles of the moon and how you can harness the natural ebb and flow of your body to maximise your creative flow and productivity.

How the course works:

  • We start the course on Monday September 6th, with an 8pm zoom call the next day under the New Moon.
  • Thrice weekly emails in your inbox to help unlock your creative journey. Theses will include tasks, motivational literature and a whole lot of joy.
  • A facebook community to share our progress and receive constructive, positive  feedback.
  • A moon playlist!
  • A simple meal plan to prepare for our final zoom meeting on September full moon where we celebrate all the hard work we’ve done in two weeks.

What you will come out with:

  • A stronger sense of self and purpose.
  • Learning how to work and create with the lunar cycle
  • Tools for shaping, honing in on and pinning down your creative or business idea: Clarifying your vision
  • Finding your way through creative play
  • Constructive feedback and active support
  • An action Plan for your business/creative idea

This is for you if:

  • You have an idea to change career, but you’re unsure where to start.
  • You have a creative idea but a mental block of how to get it off the ground.
  • You feel lost after having kids, you have a rough dream and need to hone your ideas.
  • You need support and confidence boosting to embark on a personal creative project.
  • You need a focused time and a deadline to dedicate time to yourself. Accountability.


If you think this is something that could help you on your creative journey, tap here to purchase the two week course, priced at £59. This is a one time, one off course where you will have the two of us and the opportunity to pick our brains for the price of one, grab it while you can!


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