Why I Started Doing Gift Bundles

One of the things I love to do in life is to assemble beautiful things – which of course also applies to assembling beautiful people around a beautiful meal at the kitchen table. 

After assessing some of the pieces in the shop, I realised that they all made beautiful gifts in their own way. Last Christmas I packed up order after order of knives, glasses and prints, all intended as gifts. Often customers would get in touch and ask if I could include a hand-written card and send it directly to the gift recipient. 

I love sending people flowers as a gift, but what if I also created a gift that could nurture different elements: the palate, the soul, a craving for comfort, indulgence and some self care. 

And I could make it even simpler by assembling gift packages that can be purchased with one click. This would speed up the process when anyone searching for a gift is short on time, ideas or energy. Also, there‚Äôs a little box at the end of the address section for you to add your special note to be hand written on one of my cards. 

And to top it off, I love love love love making parcels a little bit special, so adding dried flower petals, a dried grass posy and a hand-written card fulfils a deep need to make everything I can look beautiful. 

And when you buy a gift bundle from me, you know it will include products and pieces from sustainable sources, it is a completely unique curation, you are supporting other independent businesses as well as myself, it comes in recycled and recyclable packaging and it has been tended to with the utmost care. 

I have a three new bundles in the works, involving wool, glass and ceramics alongside sweet treats, all perfect for autumn and winter. I’ll be announcing them in September, so please keep an eye out.!

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