How I source Pieces for the Shop

My shop has been slow to build and is still relatively small. The reason for this is probably down to my very specific criteria and very specific taste. 

My criteria:

  • Do I personally own and use this?
  • Is it beautiful?
  • Is it useful?
  • Is it delicious?
  • Is it from an independent business/maker? If not, what are the benefits of stocking this? 
  • Can it help lessen our impact on the environment?
  • If it isn’t a perishable, will I or someone else want to keep it forever?
  • What are the ethics behind the piece? Where does it come from and what is it made from?
  • Will it age well?

My taste:

  • Does it look natural in a cosy, slightly tatty, wonderfully lived-in home? 
  • Does it feel unique and possibly a bit magical?
  • Does it look in keeping with a mediterranean villa yet also a Yorkshire terraced house?
  • Does it make my heart swoop up when I see it, touch, it feel it. I guess this is what Marie Kondo talks about ‘spark joy’.
  • Does it have that undefinable thing that lets me know it will help my life feel more beautiful.


And when I look at these lists, I realise that I am applying to the shop all the criteria I apply to everything we have in our home. Which confirms that everything I choose for the shop is something I would use, eat or admire in our home. Simple as that.

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