Still Feast

Three of my great loves: drawing, laying a table for lovely people and then watching what unravels around that table accompanied by food, wine and candlelight.

So, when Laurie at Dear Prudence Studio opened her new space, I proposed a workshop collaboration, right in the heart of Hebden Bridge. Based on previous workshops I had hosted, I knew exactly what we should do.

Our combined skills of illustration, design, styling and running drawing workshops were the perfect combination for an evening of seasonal styling, drawing and feasting.

Inspired by the winter season, I laid out a table of assembled food, glassware and found objects as a still life tableaux. Our guests arrived, we offered them wine and a pad plus materials to draw with. Laurie guided them through gentle sketching exercises and prompts while I kept glasses topped up, the guests drew, drank and grazed from the foods laid out on the table.

Guests chat, music plays, the light glimmers. Pencils scratch against paper, table ingredients are incorporated into drawings, wine glugs.

After a while I brought out platters of food, and guests continued drawing while they ate, doodled on the paper table cloth, shapes with their food.

The evening waned, plates were cleared, coffee and tea was sipped, and at around 9pm we sent our guests off into the night, new friends, full bellies, winding through the cobbled streets of Hebden Bridge.

If you would like to book a place on our next Still Feast, we will be hosting another in May, come join us.


Photos by Ina Harris Photography


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