About me

Hello there!


My name is Java, I currently live in West Yorkshire in a small higgledy piggledy terraced house with my partner Jon, our two little boys and a cat called Nutmeg. Previous to this I grew up between London, Scotland, the South of France and Spain, finally ending up in Manchester, UK for fifteen years. All of these glorious places, in their own way, inform my work and aesthetic.


I originally trained as an actor, later working as a theatre agent until having children. Becoming a mother awakened a need within me to explore my creativity in a different way. I had spent my childhood drawing, writing and reading, and after a phase in my twenties where I abandoned it all for the sake of hosting endless dinner parties.

I have now returned to my original loves, but with the added inspiration of food, kitchen life and home. I come form a line of creatives on both sides, so this feels like a natural progression.

As a lot of my illustration work revolves around the kitchen table, celebration of the every day and cooking, my business has organically grown into sharing homewares from small independent makers that I use and love alongside curated vintage pieces.


I aim to stay faithful to a romantic, rustic aesthetic, whilst also prioritising the environment, sustainability and supporting independent makers.


I hope you enjoy taking a look around, thanks for popping by!


Java x