Librarian Lust

A friend of mine once told me I that I dress like a librarian. I have never quite known whether she meant this in a positive way or not.

Either way, it is probably quite fitting. As a child, I remember the staggering moment when I realised that I would probably never have enough time to read every single book ever published. I envisioned life as an enormous library reaching up through the clouds, with endless shelves of books that I couldn’t reach. In my mind’s eye, I stood, looking up at these shelves, daunted by the length of the library ladders that pushed through into infinity. No surprise either that my favourite scene in ‘Bedknobs and Broomsticks’ is when Angela Lansbury is up the ladder searching for the magical book in David Tomlinson‘s library as he serenades her (“Eglantine, Eglantine, oh how you shine….”).

If dressing like a librarian means a deep love of knitwear, thick tights, fitted cardigans and tweed, then so be it. To all librarians, would-be librarians and librarians who don’t dress like librarians: hanging out in a room full of books is the most stylish thing I could possibly imagine and I envy you. You get to climb the infinite ladders.


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