How €15 Can Practically Buy You a Garden

Yesterday Jon and I went out on our favourite weekly expedition: first to the post office to send Tin Cup Vintage items to their new owners and then to the local second hand market/junk shop/Aladdin’s Cave of treasures waiting to be found.

And here’s what we found:

Two 1960’s wicker chairs (all they need is sanding down and lick of paint for summer evenings in the garden).

A large hamster box that, once washed and insulated properly can be turned into a propagator for seedlings.

A gazillion plastic plant pots to start off seedlings

A gazillion more terracotta plant pots for growing herbs closer to the house

A shiny yet battered black suitcase (ok, not for the garden, but it can home my entire sewing kit)

A small vase for when wild garden flowers are ready to pick

Two window trays

Three ice trays that can have holes drilled into them to start off seedlings

(I have never seen Jon so excited as when he has a ‘eureka’ moment. This was one of them.)

A nifty, patterned tin….because one simply can never have enough old storage tins.

A garden spade head

Twenty jars for preserving future vegetables

All for the handsome, glorious, life affirming price of €15. I had palpitations and a permanent grin for about 30 minutes after claiming our loot. This must be what certain hard drugs feel like.

I’ll let you know how the planting goes!

Java x

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