Behind the Scenes?

Here you have it… the ‘exclusive’  Tin Cup Vintage behind the scenes shots!

(because clearly, you have been waiting with bated breath)

From these photos I deduce that:

1) Parasols should have a far more prominent position than which I usually endow them with.

2) I should perhaps get out of my gardening clothes and thermals before standing in for lighting tests.

3) Socks and sandals are one of the many reasons I decided to end a flailing relationship, so why on earth do I think I am allowed to wear them?

4) Dancing is quite a lot of fun, doesn’t often look cool (if you’re me) but is something that I will never regret.

In a way this all makes rather a lot of sense:

Carry the things you love, discard the things you have no time for, enjoy what you see in the mirror and do a lot of dancing.

Til the next, Java x

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