Hilary and the Gold Mini Skirt

The above photo is from Hilary’s wedding to Lance in London on December 4th 1990. Hilary is a dazzling friend of my mother’s whom, as a child, I held in deep admiration for her astonishing variety of earrings. I remember it as such a fantastic day, highlighted by it being the perfect opportunity to wear my red satin party skirt and then spend a large portion of the wedding party sliding up and down the bath at Hilary’s house.

She emailed me this photo the other night and I simply needed to share it. Things to note:

1) Hilary’s golden mini skirt and boots. Way ahead of Kylie’s hotpants and undoubtedly the future of wedding attire. ~Brief edit: Hilary was wearing a rather fabulous Vivienne Westwood top. She’s like the golden ticket you want to cling onto forever, ┬ájust in case wishes come true!~

2) How excited and happy everyone looks.

3) My mum’s floor length silk velvet Victorian coat. Shakespeare’s Sister eat your heart out.

4) My Mexican cape.

Someone get engaged and invite me to your wedding soon please. I haven’t worn a Mexican cape for far too long.

Java x

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