Say it Out Loud. About Me, Java.

Six years ago I became pregnant with our first baby Alma. At twenty weeks she was diagnosed with DiGeorges syndrome and an interrupted aortic arch. After researching the possible outcomes of this diagnosis we chose to have a termination at six months in the womb. We held Alma and named her and buried her ashes up on a hill in Derbyshire.

A year and three months later we had our second child Gryffin.

Two and a half years later we had our third child Elwin,

I tell you this because in birthing our children, I found a new sense of self and a burning desire to express the creative ideas pouring out of my brain.

I had worked previously as an actor, a dishwasher, a waitress, an usher, a theatre agent, a language teacher, a cleaner. And a few (a lot) more.

I knew I loved three things: drawing, writing and making things look beautiful. But I had never had the confidence or the clear vision to know how to pull these passions together or even begin to pursue them. I felt confused, lost and, frankly, like I’d missed the boat.

And then in having kids, something shifted. A few things collided: feeling like this was a chance to make a new start, the sense that I had nothing to lose, moving to a new area and feeling I could reinvent myself. And I met a friend who offered me invaluable guidance and support.

It all led me to allowing myself to take myself and my creativity seriously. I discovered and developed tools to help me along my way. I had minimal amounts of time but I was focused and determined. I was prepared to put in the work, however that looked whilst also looking after two little ones full time. It was not easy. It was not straight forward. I cried a lot. But the need to create something for myself was too deep to ignore.

And so I did it. I now run a creative business with an online shop selling my card and print designs, a selection of homewares inspired by our home. I create illustration branding and styling and photography for small businesses. And I write. I write recipes, I write stories, I write my way through the world.

Why the Moon?

Within this process of creating and running a business alongside juggling parenting two small children, one of them only at nursery a few mornings a week (which I feel incredibly grateful for), I have had to figure out systems of working to maximise the time and energy I have. And one of the most powerful tools I have used is to work in sync with the moon. Because it has taught me that not every day is the day to be full energy. Rest is as important as action. But when your energy is dynamic, harness it and milk it for all it’s worth. And when it’s time to rest, do so, without beating yourself up. Because you will be allocating your creative tasks to the time your body needs.

So between Laura and I , we have created a course and a space where we can offer you tools and mindsets we have learnt in starting our own creative projects and…


We will support you to:

  • Say your intentions out loud. Declare them with boldness and power (even if you feel afraid).
  • Get out of your own way.
  • Unstick your creative journey.
  • Help you find the confidence to kickstart a rusty engine.
  • Pick a goal – personal or professional that needs action.
  • Find the tools and self-belief to get going. 
  • Understand the cycles of the moon and how you can harness the natural ebb and flow of your body to maximise your creative flow and productivity.

How the course works:

  • We start the course on Monday September 6th, with an 8pm zoom call the next day under the New Moon.
  • Thrice weekly emails in your inbox to help unlock your creative journey. Theses will include tasks, motivational literature and a whole lot of joy.
  • A facebook community to share our progress and receive constructive, positive  feedback.
  • A moon playlist!
  • A simple meal plan to prepare for our final zoom meeting on September full moon where we celebrate everything we’ve done in the last two weeks.

What you will come out with:

  • A stronger sense of self and purpose.
  • Learning how to work and create with the lunar cycle
  • Tools for shaping, honing in on and pinning down your creative or business idea: Clarifying your vision
  • Finding your way through creative play
  • Constructive feedback and active support
  • An action Plan for your business/creative idea

This is for you if:

  • You have an idea to change career, but you’re unsure where to start.
  • You have a creative idea but a mental block of how to get it off the ground.
  • You feel lost after having kids, you have a rough dream and need to hone your ideas.
  • You need support and confidence boosting to embark on a personal creative project.
  • You need a focused time and a deadline to dedicate time to yourself. Accountability.


If you think this is something that could help you on your creative journey, tap here to purchase the two week course, priced at £59. This is a one time, one off course where you will have the two of us and the opportunity to pick our brains for the price of one, grab it while you can!

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