Styling Your Autumn Table



One of my ways of honouring the seasons is to lay the table in ways that reflect the external shifts. I’ve collected a few ideas or prompts to think of when laying your own Autumn table.

  • Bring the outside in. If you have plant pots, window pots, a garden, a park or a forest. Collect pieces that catch your eye. The textures, the colour, the lines that make you smile. Do please forage responsibly and try and collect leaves, branches or fruits that have already fallen from trees and hedgerows.


  • Consider your colour palette. Mine tends to be muted and veers towards the colours found in nature. For Autumn I focus on gold, amber, rust, off white and deep green. When considering food and drink to add to the table, I take this palette into consideration and then work from there.


  • Think of different textures and layers, move beyond practicality and think about how you would lay a table full of all the things you love. Do books feature? Precious stones? Spools of string? Find ways of incorporating these.


  • Mess! Give it some mess! My favourite part of an evocative autumn table is the idea that I can make a mess when eating, truly relishing the food and the drink, not feeling nervous about staying polite. Ideally you want to be dancing on that perfectly styling table by the end of the night, no?


  • Candle light, by day or by night, strike that match


Love Java x



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